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Compiling for an ARM architecture: iMote2 - TinyOS PDF Print

Since our very first day working with iMote2-TinyOS in Consolider COMONSENS (CSD2008-00010 COMONSENS), we have been missing a number of things such as a fast and simple way of installing an up-to-date compiler, to avoid conflicts with third architectures or the parameters which would allow us to compile successfully for the aforementioned embedded operating system.

As a result of our work in the referred project, we have managed to compile and pack a cross compiler for the ARM architecture which integrates smoothly with TinyOS, though standalone operation is plausible also. Compared to current alternatives, we are providing more updated versions, without known conflicts with third parties (such as AVR compiler for micaZ) and capable to be installed and uninstalled easily without the burden of compiling for hours.

In addition, we have written a technical report which explains the suggested compiling parameters and the changes required to be used with TinyOS. We do hope that iMote users or any other ARM-based architecture programmers can get profit from the provided information and packages.

In the event that you ever used the technical report or the packages themselves, we would be grateful if you cite us. Below you can find a link to a BibTex file.
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