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  • Systems
    • Reliability analysis of WLL with OFDM access
    • Interference cancellation techniques for TDMA/CDMA
    • Transmission techniques and RF propagation for UTRA-TDD


Arquitectures for wideband radiocommunication (AMEBA)

  • Supported by Ministry of Science and Technology (Main financial support)
  • Sponsored by Airtel, Alcatel and Nokia - They provide manpower
  • Should study the potential of DSP solutions for the 4th(?) generation of mobile communication systems, providing up to 100 Mbps in the WLAN environment
  • Solutions integrate RF front-end and signal processing
  • GAPS is responsible for developing the signal processing algorithms and demonstrating its performance on off-the-shelf hardware
  • LSI is responsible for IC development AMEB




Multimode Integrated Circuit for mobile communications (CIMCO)

  • Cooperative Effort with UPC, CNM, ..
  • Equalization of time-dispersive RF channels for DECT with existing nonlinear RF front-ends
  • Time-dispersion of usable RF channels for DECT was increased



The CIMCO chip

Single ended channel conditioning device (SECOND)

  • Cooperative Effort with DIE, IMEC, Alcatel-MIETEC, ..
  • All complex elements concentrated at one end (equalization and predistortion)
  • Time-dispersion of usable RF channels for DECT was doubled
  • One patent granted

The SECOND chip for RF communication

Twin Channel Single Transicever for PCS (TWIST)

  • Cooperative Effort with DIE, Swindon Silicon Systems, ..
  • 0-IF and conventional multitransceiver board capable of handling two antennas and two RF channels per antenna
  • Antenna diversity and double bitrate implemented
  • Standardized by ETSI
  • One patent granted



The TWIST board for DSP

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