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The activities in the GAPS related to area of Assitive Technologies are focused on the development of software (applications) and hardware (devices and gadgets) which could be useful for assisting teachers related to Special Education. In order to get our objectives we have the valuable advise of several specialized centers as:

If you are interested in our work or you want to collaborate with us, please, contact with Luis Hernández Gómez



In our research group we have been developing an educational application called "Aprendiendo" ("Learning" in spanish). This application was implemented with the advising of Colegio Público de Educación Especial Infanta Elena de Madrid and thanks to the work of several students through their Master Thesis projects.


Currently we are preparing different researches and evaluations about this application. Our objective is find out the benefits that "Aprendiendo" could have in the learning process of the children.


For knowing more detaisl about this project you could read this article (in spanish) "Aprendiendo”: Uso de la tecnología de agentes conversacionales personificados en el ámbito de la educación especial which was presented in the Simposio Nacional de Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones en la Educación in 2007. If you are interested in and you don't know spanish, please, contact with us.






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  • Building of push buttons (in Spanish):

- Push button and connection box: PDF

- How to build a switchboard PDF

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