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  • Despacho C-304.1 de la ETSIT - UPM. Av. Complutense, 30. 28040 Madrid
  • Tel.: (34) 915 495 700 ext.4006Fax.: (341) 336 7350
  • e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



  • Ph.D. in Telecommunication, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain. Thesis title: Integration of Context Information Sources with Interactive Systems" (2013)
  • Researcher in the Signal, Systems and Radiocommunications Department (SSR), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain. (2007-)
  • MEng in Telecommunications, Computer Engineering and Communications. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spaint. (2003-2007).
  • Master in Communications Technologies and Systems, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (2007-2009).


  • Human-Machine Interaction
  • Multibiometric Systems
  • Semantic Technologies
  • Sensor Web and Semantic Sensor Web
  • Smart Environments
  • Design and Evaluation of Speech Recognition Systems.



  • Sigüenza, A.; Díaz-Pardo, D.; Bernat, J.; Vancea, V.; Blanco, J.L.; Conejero, D. and Hernández Gómez, L. S. (2012). Sharing Human-Generated Observations by Integrating HMI and the Semantic Sensor WebSensors12(5), 6307-6330.


  • Sigüenza, A.; Pardo, D.; Blanco, J.L.; Bernat, J.; Garijo, M. and Hernández, L. (2011). Bridging the Semantic Sensor Web and Multimodal Human-Machine Interaction using SCXMLInternational Journal of Sensors, Wireless Communications and Control2(1), 27-43.
  • Sigüenza, A.; Díaz-Pardo, D.; Vancea, V.; Blanco, J.L.; Hernández-Gómez, L.; Bernat-Vercher, J. and Conejero, D. (2011). Sharing In-Vehicle HMI observations into the Semantic Sensor Web. In Proccedings of the 5th International Symposium of Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence (UCAMI 2011). Riviera Maya, Mexico.


  • Sigüenza, A.; Blanco, J.; Bernat, J. and Hernández, L. (2010). Using SCXML to Integrate Semantic Sensor Information into Context-Aware User Interfaces. In Proceedings of the International Workshop on Semantic Sensor Web, in conjunction with the 2nd International Joint Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management, 47-59. Valencia, Spain.
  • Sigüenza, A.; Blanco, J.L.; Bernat, J. and Hernández, L. (2010). Using SCXML for Semantic Sensor Networks. In Proceedings of the International Workshop on Semantic Sensor Networks, in conjunction with the 9th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC). Shanghai, China.
  • Sigüenza, A.; Blanco, J.L.; Conejero, D. and Hernandez, L. (2010). Improving Speech Interaction in Vehicles Using Context-Aware Information through A SCXML Framework. In Proceedings of the 21st Electronic Speech Signal Processing Conference, ESSV 2010. Berlin, Germany.


  • Blanco, J.L.; Sigüenza, A.; Díaz, D.; Sendra, M. and Hernández, L. (2009). Reworking spoken dialogue Systems with context awareness and information prioritisation to reduce driver workload. In Proceedings of the NAG-DAGA International Conference in Acoustics. Rotterdam, Holland.
  • Alvaro Sigüenza Izquierdo. (2009). Position paper in Young Researchers’ RoundTable on Spoken Dialogue Systems 2009. Queen Mary University of London, Uk.
  • Fernández-Pozo, R.; Blanco, J.L.; Pardo, D.; Sigüenza, A.; Hernández, L.A.; and Alcázar, J. (2009). Evaluación de técnicas de reconocimiento de locutor como apoyo al diagnóstico del SAHSCongreso Anual de la Sociedad Española de Ingeniería Biomédica, CASEIB. Cádiz, España.
  • Blanco, J.L.; Fernández-Pozo, R.; Díaz, D.; Sigüenza, A.; Hernández, L.A; and Alcázar, J. (2009). Analyzing GMMs to Characterize Resonance Anomalies in Speaker Suffering from Apnoea. In International Conference on Spoken Language Processing, INTERSPEECH. Brighton, U.K.


  • Hernández, A.; Fernández, R.; López, B.; Sigüenza, A.; Hernández, L.; Caminero, J. and Torre, D. (2008). Entorno experimental para el prototipado de aplicaciones biométricas multimodales en dispositivos móviles. In Proceedings of th IV Jornadas de Reconocimiento Biométrico de Personas. Valladolid, Spain.PDF
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